Doable? - 2 MiB boxes - one as ns1 and another as ns2

Hi there…

I need 2 different public IPs for glue records. Because of that I thinking of this - and wish to have some reply whether it is possible or not.

Have 2 vps - will install 2 instanse of MiA.

Lets say I call the first vps: and the other vps On box1 I will have ns1 and on box2 I will have ns2.

On box1 I will use the options of one external secondary dns and enter ns2. Both ns1 and ns2 will have their own IP and therefore I can use them as gluerecords.

Is that doable or do I need to rethink it and do something else?

Thanks in advance.

No, the two boxes will give different IP addresses for ns1, so they’ll be inconsistent. It would be better to find a real secondary dns service.

someone create secondary-in-a-box?

I’d use it.

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