Do catchall bot accounts save emails?

@alento I accidentally sent some emails to a catchall bot on gmail’s through some investergating I realised that it was a catchall account and that it was a bot i knew it was a bot because I sent it multiple emails witch was gibberish and it replied like I said a question so that shows it’s abot right so my next question is the emails I sent To the bot are they saved by the bot or do they get deleted??

You’d have to ask the operator of the bot.

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@alento from your experience and knowledge of bots would you say they are saved then or deleted like what’s the most common setup ??

Sorry @Jayden that is completely outside of my scope of knowledge.

@alento thank you for your Help it was needed but could you direct me as to where I can get that knowledge if your know or think you know anywhere that can help me ??

No, I already stated that it is completely outside of my area of knowledge. @Jayden