DNSSEC record update fails for one of my domains [resolved]


I upgraded to MIAB V0.55 (a flawless experience!) and after that got the:

DNSSEC ‘DS’ record set at registrar is valid but should be updated to ECDSAP256SHA256 and SHA-256 (see below). IMPORTANT: Do not delete existing DNSSEC ‘DS’ records for this domain until confirmation that the new DNSSEC ‘DS’ record for this domain is valid.

message on a few domains my box is serving.

So I set out to update the keys for those domains (that all run at Gandi) and that went well for 4 out of the 5 domains running on my box. The fifth domain refuses to get the green ✓ in the systems status checks.

The only thing different is that this one domain is a .nl, where the rest are .eu. What might cause this?

Scratch that. It seems that time was the solution to this. Two hours later this solved itself :slight_smile:

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