DNSSEC DS record and OVH

I have a problem with setting up DNSSEC DS records in ovh, when attempting to add a DS record I am always getting a error

List of name servers for example.ovh founded in name server box.example.ovh not equal the list of name servers registred

All 4 options return me the same problem, two options use Algorithm 13, other Algorithm 8. I saw some people being able to set up the DS using the Algorithm 7, but sadly I didn’t manage to find a way that would allow to change the algorithm.

First off, I don’t have direct experience with OVH, but it sounds like they have a rule on the nameservers used for the domains they apply DNSSEC on.
I assume OVH is your domain registrar. One thing you can check if the list of nameservers you provided to the domain registrar are the same as used by the Mail-in-a-Box installation.
By default, these are ns1.box.example.ovh and ns2.box.example.ovh. They might be different if you use another or an external DNS provider.

  • Is it correct that OVH is your domain registrar?
  • Do you let the MiaB box provide DNS?
  • Do you use an external DNS provider?

Oh that might actually answer my problem why I can’t set it up.
Additional problem with OVH I have is that it is impossible to have “ns1.box.xxxx.ovh” DNS, so I just went with “box.xxx.ovh” DNS that works in the same way (well, almost, at least NS lookup says the DNS are corrects, and miab detects the same thing)

Why is it impossible? To set up “ns1.box.xxx.ovh” DNS server record first I need to create a host for it, with means ovh wants me to create GLUE record for it so it can know their shit.
When trying to create a glue record for ns1.box.xxx.ovh the operation just cancels itself
When asking OVH support about it I get answer similar to: “Try harder”

Well, I guess you know this OVH document then. It seems to describe the process, but not what to do if it does not work.
Perhaps another user on the forum has some experience with setting glue records in the OVH system?

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