DNS when moving mailserver


Some details on my issues, I am no DNS expert. It has been over 48 hours since installing MiaB. I had my domain (tornmedia.com), web and mailserver setup on GoDaddy for several years.

I followed the install instructions, installed on DO droplet, everything is up and running fine, or so it seems. When looking at the /admin screen I still see:

under box.tornmedia.com (using : instead of . to avoid the new user error!)

Nameserver glue records are incorrect. The ns1:box:tornmedia:com and ns2:box:tornmedia:com nameservers must be configured at your domain name registrar as having the IP address They currently report addresses of [Not Set]/[Not Set]. It may take several hours for public DNS to update after a change.

as well as:
This domain must resolve to your box’s IP address ( in public DNS but it currently resolves to [Not Set]. It may take several hours for public DNS to update after a change. This problem may result from other issues listed above.

other domains have the same issue with still Not Set.

The main domain on the page is still erroring saying it is pointing to the old godaddy records.

Just curious if Godaddy for some reason hasn’t given up the records yet, or are the two fighting over the dns? I reran sudo mailinabox last night, but don’t see improvement.

Thanks in advance!

I’m not familiar with the GoDaddy interface, but it seems your glue records are not configured, so the MiaB DNS server will not be used. The current DNS server is GoDaddy and for your domain points the A record to an IP address owned by GoDaddy, so I’m guessing you haven’t configured that DNS server, either.

Did you follow all of the steps in the setup guide?

It includes a link to the GoDaddy help page for changing domain nameservers:

@tiggertlee as @openletter pointed out you seemingly have missed the steps in the setup guide pertaining to the name servers and the glue records.

You’ll need to go to GoDaddy and first set the glue records:

You will enter records for both ns1.box.tornmedia.com and ns2.box.tornmedia.com with the IP address of your MiaB installation.

then … you will need to actually point your name servers to the MiaB installation.

Enter ns1.box.tornmedia.com and ns2.box.tornmedia.com.

Do you have a website active now? I do not see one currently

Are you hosting email for other domains with your MiaB as well as tornmedia.com? If so you have to decide where the DNS for those other domains is going to be handled. If ANY of those domains are email only domains I would personally have MiaB handle the DNS for those domains, but if they have web sites and other apps on the domains, I would use External DNS … if you want some help figuring out the best approach, come visit the Slack channel or start a new discussion on the topic.

You can register for Slack here: https://mailinabox.email/slack

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Wow thanks for the fast response!

I did have my webserver and email on Godaddy but have removed them…

I followed the instructions and added ns1 and ns2 to the “host file” section of godaddy, but seems godaddy hasnt finished propagation yet? I cant add them to the namserver, godaddy says “unknown ns1…”

I am guessing the ns1 and ns2 hostnames/IPs I created on godaddy just havent propagated yet…

I will eventually host other domain emails, right now just trying to get tornmedia configured, would be very happy cutting godaddy completly out of the loop except as registrar. Really appreciate the feedback

I am going to be very blunt here. GoDaddy sucks! Period. Where other providers take mere seconds to update DNS they take minutes and sometimes hours. So, you have no choice but to wait … eventually it will be updated.

When looking at your domain’s glue records earlier I saw something that absolutely made me cringe. This should NEVER be in glue records.

To make it worse, they have a 48 hour TTL on those records!

This is what my test should have returned as you had never entered any glue records previously.

Thanks for helping me find yet ANOTHER reason to never use GoDaddy as a registrar.

In light of what I have demonstrated, you should be saying INCLUDING as registrar, IMHO.

I have broken this off to another reply as it is important NOW to make some decisions. In a perfect world, the best solution would be to have a domain exclusively for email services. It certainly is the easiest. So is tornmedia.com that domain? You will want the MiaB to handle the DNS for it’s domain and have all other domains whose email is being served by MiaB to have their DNS hosted externally.

The simple reason for this is that MiaB is a single point of failure. If it is down for whatever reason, and it is hosting DNS for multiple domains, those will go down as well (subject to caching of DNS). If email goes down for a few minutes or a few hours, it is not the catastropic loss that everything going down would be. I always recommend, regardless of the situation, when MiaB is hosting DNS for it’s domain or for other domains, that Secondary DNS be instituted as well.

Understood and totally agree. tornmedia is the “master” domain, and for email like you said can be down for a bit where other services would prefer to keep running.

Any good suggestions for a secondary DNS?

I am now right there with you, looking to move everything off GoDaddy, especially since the fees are due soon.

Any suggestions of where to move it to? I am open to suggestions!

A couple of inexpensive but good registrars include NameSilo and Porkbun.

I am still not seeing any change on your Glue records … You may want to revisit that area and see if the change ‘stuck’.

I checked out namesilo, I think I will start moving domains over. Do you happen to know if I move a domain over will it cause interruptions? Thinking I might as well make a move while I am offline…

Checked and the hostnames are there on the GD console…i for sure will be moving!

In this case, yes. Not that it is going to matter. Let me explain.

When DNS is pointed to an external (not the registrar) nameserver, then NO, because you will tell NameSilo to use x nameservers and they will transfer the domain with the nameservers set

But in your case, you don’t have a web site live, and no mail either, so there is nothing that is going to matter at this moment. If you were using external DNS then there would be NO downtime.

Now, some tricks of the trade. … my last (yeah I used to use them too) move from GoDaddy took 30 minutes. Here is how. (From NameSilo support)

When Will My Transfer Finish?

Once our system submits the transfer to the central registry, there are a few factors that will determine exactly when the transfer will complete. If your current registrar allows, you may be able to approve the transfer request from your account on their site. Assuming you do and the transfer will complete within an hour…

GoDaddy IS a participating registrar. You can complete the process from their side HOWEVER they send you an email that your transfer will complete within 5 days with the option to ‘click here to cancel’. CLICK THERE! You will then be taken to where you can cancel or push the domain immediately. Yes, they intentionally mislead people.

Just for the record … for the GoDaddy fans who will come and say that I am making this up. I just checked your Glue records again NOW and this is what I see. Notice the time stamp. I am in CET (UTC +1).

The second time a cart contained a camouflaged useless first year free then subscription after that item that I have to call them to discontinue I moved all of my domains away forever.

Starting migration to be godaddy free. Decided might as well bite the bullet now and do it right from the start.

Thanks for all your help! Hopefully this thread will help others.

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Migration away from GoDaddy to NameSilo is complete. Seems to have updated the ns’ almost instantly. I am guessing the DNS’ will need a little time to pick everything up, the admin console is showing checks instead of X’s.

I reran the install, then rebooted. I am assuming that was good to do ?

And indeed that worked like a charm! 15 min not 5 days! THANKS!

Now to see if everything else can come together!

Probably not necessary … but certainly did not hurt anything. I don’t know if your VPS has IPv6 support, or not. If you do you may want to add the IPv6 address to the Glue records.

So the only other thing I would strongly recommend is setting up Secondary DNS. Sadly, I am in the middle of something right now, so can’t really write out a simple plan for you to follow. But I’ll do it tomorrow. After all, you’re gonna be busy firing GoDaddy! :stuck_out_tongue:

While I use GoDaddy, I’m not necessarily a great fan. While adding DNSSEC records is fairly painless, removing said records can be a pain.
I had to get support to do it for me. I might move my domains to my current VPS provider (1&1 Ionos)

I would however point out that while GoDaddy’s system allows you to update your Glue records. It’s important to understand that the Glue records themselves are actually held on the TLD’s nameservers. For .com this is verisign.

I’d also point out that a 48 hour TTL for these records is not unusual. In fact it’s the norm. This is down to the way DNS is meant to work.

The idea is that certain records are less likely to change. So rather than make a lookup every time, the DNS resolvers at your ISP or other public DNS service cache the results. As the location of a domains authoritative nameservers are less likely to change than, say the address of it’s website, then these records have a longer lifespan. This reduces the load on the higher level nameservers.


I don’t disagree with this, however it IS unusual for a domain registrar to list their name servers as the glue for a domain … that is not acceptable. And the icing on the cake was that they set the records for 48 hours. A record that they should NOT have touched in the first place!

Not to get too off-topic, but one really should NOT have their domain registrations hosted by a service provider that they are using. And, btw 1&1 Ionos is only slightly better than GoDaddy. Maybe 1% better.