DNS Status Checks problems

I have 2 domains on the same DNS server: rsi-net.ru and intelsc.ru, both use absolutely similar records and redirect their mail to a mailinabox server on [can’t post 3 domain names in 1 message]. But in “Status Checks” former is is all ok, and latter is all timeouts. Also, reverse dns for points to it’s domain, but mailinabox says it’s [timeout]. What is going on with mailinabox dns checks??

IMHO the MiaB status checks are often unreliable when it comes to this. But then on the other hand, it could mean that they are indeed timing out. Personally, I use other tools to check these things rather than relying on the status check page.

However – in your case you have installed MiaB on the root domain of the third domain name, rather than using a hostname. This is unusual behavior for MiaB so it likely is not able to properly interpret the results. Mail servers in general are not designed to be on the root of a domain.

These 2 domains are not only used for email but also for other purposes and I just can’t let mailinabox handle DNS for them. I set up a separate domain intelsc-corp.ru and it is completely handled by mailinabox and passes all checks by both mailinabox (except reverse dns) and external tools (including reverse dns). The other 2 domains pass all checks by external tools, but one of them has everything ok in “Status Checks”, and the other has all timeouts. Both are on the same DNS with all similar records. How is this possible?

Understandable which is why MiaB has “External DNS” abilities. :slight_smile:

The domain is not the issue, the issue is that you didn’t use a hostname … but that is really irrelevant as it will still work, just be non-standard. You’ll never be able to use that domain for other services, which may be unimportant to you …

See my initial response …

It is just a behavior that I have learned to live with…

I used the hostname there (I just couldn’t post it in the 1st message due to the stupid ‘2 links per post’ limit) and everything was set up as the manuals said. And it works fine. Passes all tests except reverse. And reverse is known to have issues in mailinabox…

And everything is ok with the second domain (on the external DNS) too!

The problem is the third domain (on the same external DNS) that shows this, while it is configured exactly the same as the second one:

They both send and receive mail just fine and I wouldn’t worry if they show the same mess on status checks. But they show a different mess… That’s why I’m worried, maybe something is really misconfigured somewhere.

Can you recommend a reliable tool to check it for sure?

They are NOT configured exactly the same … they may have “absolutely similar records” but that is not the same thing.

rsi-net.ru has 4 name servers listed in the SOA, 5 listed in Glue. Of the 4 in the SOA 2 do not respond, but the one in Glue that is not in SOA does respond. But it will never be queried…

intelsc.ru has 3 name servers listed in Glue, but 4 in SOA. Again 2 of the name servers do not respond.

intelsc-corp.ru is using the MiaB for DNS and everything is fine.

The two name servers that are not responding are:
ns20.intelsc-corp.ru and ns34.intelsc-corp.ru

Sorry but I just am not seeing it …

root@vegas:~# telnet 587
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
220 intelsc-corp.ru ESMTP Hi, I'm a Mail-in-a-Box (Ubuntu/Postfix; see https://mailinabox.email/)

Thank you very much. I’ll see what I can do to fix it.

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