DNS setup with AWS Route53

I need help with the setup of DNS on AWS Route53.

I did the NS like this:
ns1.box.mydomain.com with my Elastic IP
ns2.box.mydomain.com with my Elastic IP
ns3.box.mydomain.com with my Elastic IP
ns4.box.mydomain.com with my Elastic IP

Then on my DNS Management:
box.mydomain.com A Elastic IP
mydomain.com MX box.mydomain.com 10
mydomain.com NS ns1.box.mydomain.com
mydomain.com NS ns2.box.mydomain.com

I presume you are meaning the glue records at the registrar? Also, remove ns3 and ns4 as MiaB only uses ns1 and ns2. Elsewise, you will have the DNS system looking for something that does not exist and half of your DNS lookups will fail.

On your DNS management? where? Are you using MiaB for DNS as recommended or third party DNS? If you have set the glue records at the registrar, then DNS is handled completely by MiaB so there are no “DNS Management” records to set up.

nameserver / hostnames / glue records (depending on your registrar) will take up to 48 hours to fully propagate.

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