DNS records for email only services

Mail in a box is excellent at providing and configuring DNS records for domains with their nameserver set to the mail in a box installation.

Where can I find these records (DKIM/SPF etc) for domains hosted elsewhere which are using Mail in a Box through an MX entry only?

Thanks, your help is very much appreciated.

Have a look into: /etc/nsd/zones
Specifically the files ending in .txt

Is this what you expect to see?

  • Did you double check your https://box.yourdomain.tld/admin / System / External DNS page? You should have there well detailed ALL your DNS records for every domain you already have added to your MiaB.

Where did that come from!! Yes that is a massive help thanks, I must have just been blind to that page for some reason.

Knowing of the existence and where the zone files are is a massive benefit to me as Iā€™m writing a script to interface with the Digital Ocean API to keep DNS up to date securely and automatically.
Thank you v60fan

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