DNS records for ActiveSync on second domain

I’ve set up Mail-in-a-Box, everything in the Status Checks page is green, and the email address I created can send and receive emails using IMAP on Outlook and ActiveSync on mobile.

Now I want to add another domain on the server, so I can create email addresses for it. I assume the following records will work ok for IMAP connectivity.

TYPE	HOST				        ANSWER			        TTL	PRIO
A 		mail.mySeconddomain.com     <box ip address>        300	N/A
MX	    mail.mySeconddomain.com		mail.mySeconddomain.com 300	10

What records do I have to add on the second domain, for ActiveSync to work? I think it’s something with autodiscovery or autoconfig but I’m not sure.

The second domain will be using name.com nameservers, I just have to configure the DNS records.

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Are you using external DNS or you using your mailinabox as name server?

If you are using mailinabox as name server, set the domain nameservers to ns1.box.yourdomain.com and ns2.box.yourdomain.com.

If you are using external name servers, you need to click on External DNS, and copy all the records, and make sure they are the same on the external name server.

and bear in mind that adding a domain to MIAB is as simple as adding an email user for that domain. Menu: Mail & Users | Users. That is assuming that MIAB is you DNS. If not, it is the same procedure plus copying from System | External DNS as daveteu says.

great, I’ll do that, thanks!

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