DNS not resolving, goes to IP instead

I am writing here, because I use MIAB to set DNS.

I have two domains, registered at different registrars. One of them has no option to add DNSsec. I entered ns1.box.example.com and ns2.box.example.com on both registrars.

One works fine, the other (without DNSsec) upon entering the domain, in the address bar goes to the IP instead. So, I type: example.com and it goes to

Both domains are entered in the same way in MIAB. It has been three days since entering the DNS info in MIAB.

I wonder where the issue might be? Any pointers would be appreciated.

  1. What is the name of the registrar without the DNSsec option.

  2. What do you mean by:

    I type: example.com and it goes to

    Do you mean, type in a browser?

Sorry for the late reply. I have found the solution in the meanwhile. Problem between the keyboard and the chair. :frowning:

It is a Japanese company called at netowl.jp .