DNS not fully propagating

My MIAB has been installed for about 2 weeks, however many DNS servers still have failed lookups when checking above. Ran sudo mailinabox several times already. Any idea what the issue might be?

Some more information would be helpful:

  • Do you use MiaB as DNS server or External DNS?
  • What is the domain?
  • Did you enable dnssec? You might want to wait until everything is working properly before enabling it.
  • It can also be a configuration error, but it’s hard to say without more background information.
  1. My aim was to use MIAB as a mail server, everything else was default except for the DNS in pt3, and I would not have touched it if it did not keep failing, to answer your question, it should be using MiaB as DNS, not external DNS
  2. Domain is ssdmeter.com
  3. I only changed my MIAB’s DNS because lookups kept failing on the status page Errors on my system status checks page on v65 - #10 by miaber
  4. DNSSEC is not enabled

this is just silly, now MIAB is reporting a false error

There might be two issues here:

  • Because you changed the DNS, spamhaus returns the code. For this reason it’s recommended to let the box itself resolve DNS.
  • I see that DNS records for ssdmeter.com are hosted by e115.com, which looks like another MiaB installation. This in itself is fine. However, I see that the DNS for e115.com is hosted by dnsowl.com. This might be confusing for the DNS system, or perhaps cause some issues. I would recommend to either:
    ** Let ssdmeter.com host its own DNS
    ** Let dnsowl.com host the ssdmeter.com DNS entries directly, instead of via e115.com
  • For some reason, there are CNAME entries for ns1.box.e115.com, that is not the default used by the MiaB installation. Do you have manual DNS entries?

Note that there are two DNS installations on the box. One is bind9, which is used to resolve domain names that the box needs to look up. The other is nsd, which is used to host the DNS entries that the box needs to function correctly. When other computers on the internet look for your box, they ask the nsd installation on the box.

Hopefully someone else with DNS knowledge will also chip in.

Hang on, dnsowl is taking care of e115.com’s DNS, ssdmeter.com is hosted on box.e115.com, make sense? I’m not using MiaB to handle stuff for e115.com

There is only 1 MiaB instance.

Makes sense :smiley:
Still, shouldn’t the DNS entries for ssdmeter.com not also be hosted on dnsowl.com? I’m not sure :frowning:
I use Zonemaster.se to check dns, and there are some complaints. Not sure if they’re relevant and how to fix them for your case.

I think they are. Thanks!

do you know if code will go away or do I have to take action?

To make that go away, use the DNS resolver of the box (by default, bind9) and don’t change resolv.conf. You might need to wait a while to have the DNS caches clear.

Ok, I’m going to run sudo mailinabox to reset everything.

zonemaster.se says that my ns1 and ns2 have to be different IP addresses, how do you overcome this requirement?

For .com domains, you should have separate name servers but I don’t think it’s mandatory, so you can ignore that warning.

Alternatively and better, once you’ve got everything else stable and happy, you can change to using a secondary DNS server instead of your ns2. A secondary provides a copy of the data from your primary, so there very little to manage.

Some domain registrars provide secondary DNS servers, for free or a small charge. There are also a few people offering secondary DNS for free. My registrar is gandi.net, and they provide secondary servers as part of the service :slight_smile: When you’ve found a secondary server, it’s just a matter of putting the secondary’s name into MIAB’s “custom DNS” page, and changing your domain data (at your registrar) - replace your ns2 with the secondary’s name and address in the glue records.

Thanks! It seems I got it all sorted out. I checked gandi too, I would say, their free services come with the price. :slight_smile:

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