DNS help for n00b


So I run a miab server for my personal e-mail off a VPS. I registered a domain just for my mail.

It’s just a standard setup with some weird tsl issue that appeared after a migration but that’s a different story I’ve got it managed…(search my name in the forum if your curious or have a solution!) it also runs my domains name servers.

I run a few services from home on my standard internet connection which has a dynamic ip so I have a ddns service that my modem can log into and update my ip when it changes.

I decided it would be cool to run my media server through my domain as a sub domain. I have a random hostname from my ddns provider that I then use miab to redirect to. Through the power of port forwarding and no idea what I’m doing it worked.

That seemed easy so I tried to setup another service through the same method and it failed. So after a bit of reading and searching I STILL HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IM DOING!

First question is:
I have a linux media server in my house that runs 24/7 (and a raspberryPi-Hole) can I use that and the miab dns servers to run my own dynamic dns service for my home internet connection?

How if possible, I will need lots of pictures and diagrams haha.

Second question is:
So to get my first service working i just forwarded port 80 on my router to the media servers internal port and it works. I feel this is a dirty way to do this and probably makes you cringe.

Is it possible to dns magic this kind of setup: being my dynamic ip at home
media.mydomain.com -points to>
solar.mydomain.com -points to>
pi.mydomain.com -points to>
minecraft.mydomain.com -points to>

Let me know if I’m dreaming or if any of theses options are do-able. I await your wisdom and knowledge…

Ouch, did we never actually find a solution to that problem? It is so odd! :frowning:

I know that there is information somewhere on how to use MiaB for dDNS, but the question is where …

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