DNS glue records (United Domains)

Hi there,

I recently started to first time setup with v0.40 and have some issues on setting up DNS with my registrar at united domains (UD).

Domain: something.name
MIB hostname: mail.something.name
NS: ns1/ns2.mail.something.name

Issue 1:
UD requires me that external nameservers need to be on a third level subdomain at maximum. The recommended name scheme violates this requirement.

  • Would you mind to change the recommendation in the setup guide?
  • How can I change my configuration to ns1.something.name?

Issue 2:
When I tried to use UD as the main nameserver and configure all the DNS records by hand, the MIaB system status checks shows errors which I was not able to correct with UD:

  • setting NS records for my subdomain mail.something.name conflicts with setting an A record for the same. I can either set NS or A records. Is this a known restriction?

Thank you in advance and best regards,

I have encountered some TLD’s themselves with this restriction, but never a domain registrar. If indeed this is the case with United Domains, my suggestion would be to transfer the domain to a registrar which is not limiting your use of the subdomain in such a manner.

It likely can be done, but would be outside of the scope and goals of this project. Doing so would be considered an unsupported modification and would break every time the MiaB install was upgraded.

I am not certain what you are trying to set. If you are using United Domain’s DNS you would not be setting NS records.

Sadly, using External DNS will always show errors on the Status page.

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