DNS confusion with namecheap + digitalocean

I have a domain registered at Namecheap, and a droplet at DigitalOcean.

The software installation on the droplet appeared to work fine. I can use the IP address to access the admin website of my mail-in-a-box installation.

I thought I had everything set up correctly, but apparently not, as box.mydomain.com/admin can’t resolve.

At Namecheap, the domain has no other DNS records, only the two glue records I was instructed to create for the “box” subdomain.

ns1/ns2 . box . mydomain . com which both point to the IP of the droplet.

These were set up yesterday, so they have had 18+ hours to propagate.

Anyway, the box subdomain doesn’t resolve, and the miab admin site shows several errors, mostly stating that my glue records are not set correctly.

Sorry for the slight vagueness, the forum software saw parts of the errors I had cut and pasted as links, and as a new user here, apparently I’m restricted on that.

What am I missing? Any thoughts? Are there supposed to be any records for the main domain?

Hi Bryce,

If you’d be willing to PM me with your MiaB hostname, I can certainly check WHOIS and DNS to determine what has gone tilt. :slight_smile:

From what you have described though, I think that you may have not set the nameservers to ns1.box.domain.tld and ns2.box.domain.tld at NameCheap.

There are two things to be done there … creating the glue records, and then pointing the nameservers to those hosts.

I can’t figure out how to PM. Maybe it’s restricted for new users like me?

Anyway, the hostname is box.westyellowstone.com

Exactly as I suspected in the addition to my comments I was writing at the same time as you were replying. You need to change the name servers at NameCheap.

You’ll need ns1.box.domain.tld and ns2.box.domain.tld in the spaces … the image is from a random domain so ignore the dnsx.yandex.net entries.

I knew I was missing something. It looks like that cleared the current round of errors. Thanks!

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