Dns Confusion, Tried pointing www and short url to free gandi website

If you buy your domain at gandi you get a free website of some sort, obviously this is hosted on their servers.

I tried making dns records on my box to use my domain for the free website on gandi but i ran into a problem.

I can only forward the www subdomain and not the short url. Gandi guided me through using the www subdomain by using a cname sorta like this;

www.box.me cname gandi.ws.
And it worked, but only for the www subdomain.

I want to be able to use the short url and have that forward to the www or atleast be able to use the short url for my gandi site.

I tried multiple ways to make this work;

box.me cname www.box.me.
box.me cname gandi.ws.

I even included the ‘.’

no matter what i did the short url (box.me) always went to the ‘this is a mail in a box’ page.

Im not sure what to do. please leave input.

You could use the static website feature in Mail In A Box for your root (“short”) domain and put a blank page there redirecting the visitor to the www.box.me domain using a meta refresh tag. That or using the static web site feature altogether are your best bets here.

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thats a great solution, thanks again