DNS Configuration Issues / Confusion

I’ve had MIAB running without issue for a few months on a Digital Ocean droplet, with 2 domains.
Currently on v.0.13b
On a separate droplet I’m running a website (wordpress) on apache intended to be displayed for one of the domains.
Both domains use namecheap as the registrar.

I recently finished building the website fully using access under the IP address and once it was completed intended to switch over the DNS record away from the holding page which was hosted by the MIAB static server.

Email works correctly.

My current setup (that has an issue in somewhere) with DNS -
Namecheap points to the digital ocean NS as well as the box NS.
Digital Ocean points to Digital Ocean NS, the box NS, MX 10 points to the box, and the A record points to the website IP address.
The box has additional custom DNS A records to also point to the IP address.

Doing a DNS lookup confirms that the domain A record is pointing to the website IP and not the box IP, yet I’m still seeing the box static page.

The System Status page reports everything as correct except (redacted some information for privacy)-
“Nameserver glue records (ns1.box.domain.com and
ns2.box.domain.com) should be configured at your domain name
registrar as having the IP address of this box (BOX IP ADDRESS). They
currently report addresses of [Not Set]/BOX IP ADDRESS. If you have set up
External DNS, this may be OK.”

I’m not using DNSSEC because the registrar doesn’t support it.

Where did I go wrong?

Many thanks

  1. DNS can take a few hours to propagate, or in weird circumstances much longer, since DNS is cached at multiple levels throughout the internet.

  2. It looks like your nameserver/glue record settings at your registrar are incorrect.

  3. If your box has IPv6 enabled, you may also need AAAA records for your custom DNS setting.

Solved - DNS just took longer than usual to propagate and my browser was caching in weird and wonderful ways.

The nameserver/glue record error corrected itself after DNS propagated.

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