DNS and Glue records and Google Postmaster

I have MIAB installed and domain is on namesilo.com, so configured glue and other records on namesilo.com

MIAB hosted on DigitalOcean. MIAB has been configured.

Now the problem is when I add TXT or CNAME record in Namesilo - for google postmaster to verify domain - google is unable to fetch the TXT/ CNAME. hence the domain is still unverified.

Any solutions to this problem would be helpful.


If you have glue records on NameSilo that leads me to believe that you are planning to use the DNS of MiaB for the domain which MiaB is hosting the mail server. In this case, the TXT records need to be added to the Custom DNS page in the MiaB admin area.

PM me the hostname of your MiaB and I can check if my understanding is correct and what exactly you need to do, if you wish.

Thanks @alento just PM’ed you

How long did you wait after making the CNAME changes before trying to verify? I’ve noticed it takes google a long time to “clear their DNS caches”. I had to wait at least 1 full day for google to pick up on the TXT/CNAME changes.

Sometimes immediately, sometimes 5-10 minutes, and yes even sometimes a few hours.

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