Dns alias/aname

Does MIAB DNS support ALIAS or ANAME records?
These allow you to have CNAME-like functionality at the zone apex.

I found more info about this.

Cname flattening

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I am in desperately need of something similar.
I was hoping that something like ANAME records would be introduced.

[…]“ANAME” DNS RR type, to provide similar functionality to CNAME, but only for type A[…]

If you wish to use QUIC.cloud with your root domain (example.com), your DNS provider must offer CNAME flattening, or ANAME/ALIAS records. Many DNS providers do not support these options, and in that case you have two options:

  1. Switch to QUIC.cloud DNS, or some other provider who offers ANAME or ALIAS records.
  2. Change your website to a www domain or other subdomain and keep your current DNS provider.

Yes am also urgently looking for this CNAME Flatting, changing nameservers away from mailinabox with all config and multiple domains creates alot errors.

What do you mean? Changing to External DNS works flawlessly as long as it is done correctly.

Let me know the “errors” that are being created.

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Hi Alento,

Thank you for the reply,

So the mailinabox has 6 domains loaded into it, the has around 50 entries per domain, depending on some other custom rules I have setup for other sub domains, this means when auto scan from QUIC.cloud DNS picks up most of records for my primary domain, it misses the other domains, then mailinabox reports string of errors. + im also not sure I can manually enter other 40/50 enteries per domain thats not actually setup inside QUIC.cloud its only a CDN like cloudflare.

box.domain.co.uk is main domain, all others link to its NS record, but chain effect in using another dns means nothing points to.

Dream would be for CNAME Flattening support, but this is not supported by most yet.

in summary by changing ns records for main domain to point to QUID.clould it then effects 5 other domains + errors like
The nameservers set on this domain are incorrect.
This domain’s DNSSEC DS record is not set.

So is it your intention to use QUIC,cloud for all 6 domains? or just some of them? Or just for the main MiaB domain? The answer to this question may make everything else moot.

The way I understand the instructions, is that each domain is imported separately into QUIC.cloud’s DNS, so I am not sure what you are meaning by the comment " when auto scan from QUIC.cloud DNS picks up most of records for my primary domain, it misses the other domains". You would have to auto scan for each domain …

Then the potential solution would be to switch to Cloudflare (or someone who offers CNAME flattening) for DNS.

There is likely a simple solution here … we just need to determine what that is. No matter what the solution is, you are going to have errors on the MiaB status page, so if you are OCD about the status page being all green, forget about doing this.

The specific errors you mentioned are because you have not done things correctly. Yes, you may have followed QUIC.cloud’s instructions and MiaB’s but in this case you need to follow a different play book. I can help you write that play book.

So please answer the questions in the first paragraph, then send the information about the specifics to me in PM if you’d like assistance in configuring this to work within the limitations I mentioned. :slight_smile: