DMARC Clarification, Implementation & Google Summaries?

Please Clarify DMARC as it pertains to MIAB. There are 2 topics where it is mentioned but nothing about what/why/where and how to use it.

The sub domain record alignment looks interesting, as does the rejection notifications from google.

Unfortunately I have no idea what I am even talking about when I ask these questions so some guidance for the laymen would be appreciated.

I got most my knowledge from the DMARC website:

This site also links to a few online tools, for example some that help with the generation of DMARC records such as , or others to inspect DMARC records such as .

Based on my limited understanding of DMARC, it serves as the missing link between the publisher of SPF/DKIM records, and the email receiver, by declaring how to use the SPF/DKIM records (subdomains, etc.) and what to do when SPF/DKIM produces a mismatch (quarantine/reject) etc.

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The box does this for you. If you’re using your own DNS provider and not your box (i.e. external DNS), it tells you what records you need to set in the listing in the External DNS tab of the control panel — there’s nothing else you need to do.

@ionos’s explanation of what DMARC is for is spot on.

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