DKIM_SIGNED Message has a DKIM or DK signature, not necessarily valid

Hello, I would like help to have everything at the maximum level of spam assassin, I do not understand why it is not ok for DKIM_SIGNED, it seems to me to have added all that is necessary on my dns, I also wanted to know if by adding that, it will solve my problem (I always end up in outlook/gmail spam).

Even if it doesn’t solve the problem, I would have the satisfaction that everything is green and 100%.

I also saw that Microsoft and Google put in spam, but according to other topics already discussed on the forum, there is nothing you can do about it except wait and write the mails hoping one day not to be considered as a spammer anymore.

thanks for future help

Neutral is not bad.

10/10 is fine.

Read and reread that message. Every single result has that.


thank you for your answer
Is the SOA important?

because after having looked at the site of google it indicates to check dns with this site

problem see attachment it is in red
but i can modify these values indicated it breaks everything.
my domain name is not only used for email it is used for another server that has another ip


Would you share that image in PM unredacted please?

I’d like to see the actual issue so I can make a suggestion, but need to know the domain names that we are working with.

As you have 3 name servers showing, I suspect that you are using Secondary DNS?

One thing about MiaB is that you should never have a need to modify the zone files, so please also let me know how you attempted to modify the values. @FogHunter

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