DKIM key rotation

Most of my sent email reaches its intended recipients; however, some consistently are routed to their email provider’s spam folder. Go Daddy is one such recipient. In researching the issue, I see suggestions that routine rotation of your DKIM keys is good practice. I’m curious if other MIAB users find this to be required for successful email delivery. If yes, I’m curious if anyone has instituted an automated DKIM key rotation for MIAB? If no, what else should I look at? My SPF checks out fine. As does DMARC.

I cannot say that I have seen that to be the case … the nightmare that would cause if the suggestion is implemented would be huge. Not for MiaB users, but for users of any commercial email service that uses DKIM.

Is your rDNS properly set? If so, chalk this up to GoDaddy being the absolute horrible hosting company that they are.

Okay, but go daddy is not the only recipient routing my mail of origin to spam. most people do not know how to white list. frustrating!