DKIM for multiple domains, v62

Hi have added multiple domains in my box for example,, Added my box MX record and SPF record in these domains records. I need to add DKIM also as when I am sending emails i am not getting signed by in headers.
Please tell me some one how to do it.
I have created public private keys for DKIM please tell me in which format i have to add public key in dns record and where to add private for multiples domains in mail box server.

This is all handled automatically by MiaB.

What have you done that is non-standard?

It sounds like you are using External DNS, and if that is the case, the data you need is in the admin area External DNS page.

Yes my domains aare hosted on Cloudflare and I have added MX and SPF record there.
So you are saying I have to pick record from External DNS in box and add there in cloudflare?

Yes, you need to add the MX record, SPF TXT record, DKIM TXT record, and DMARC TXT record for each domain at a minimum to your DNS at Cloudflare.

The subdomain that hosts MiaB also needs to have A and AAAA records pointed to the server as well so that webmail and the admin panel function.

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