DKIM and other DNS records for additional (multiple) domains


First of all, my sincere gratitude for creating MIAB. After many our of frustrations it saved my life.

I would like to know if I need to do additional steps with regards to adding SFP,DKIM records for additional (multiple) domains?

My MIAB system is set to run as and me@abc(dot)com works as expected.
I have added me@xyz(dot)com and set “MX 10 box(dot)abc(dot)com” in xyz(dot)com’s DNS settings. This also works.

Do I need to add a DKIM (or other related) records for xyz(dot)com?

The complains that does not exist (which is obviously so). xyz(dot)com is hosted on a different DNS server.

Any advice?

For email you do not need to manually set the MX. You need to set the NS records (Also known as GLUE records, Also known as “hostnames” with GoDaddy). do this just like you did with

Once that is done, MIAB will have all your DNS records as normal.

So if I understand correctly the MIAB machine also effectively becomes the DNS server for that particular domain (with all the risks involved).

mhm just like with the first domain, you can do the same with multiple.

Thank you for you help.