DigitalOcean Floating IP

The Server resolves to the IPv4 and not to the Floating IP in the Digital Ocean instance.
The Admin Panel can be seen with ipv4/admin but the domain/mail not loading, I can see the A record is set to the IPv4 and not the Floating IP.

Anything I missed?

Using an external tool, such as, does it show the expected name server and DNS records?

Yes it does

What does the browser show when you navigate to

This site can’t be reached.

The admin dashboard loads only with ipv4/admin, not with floatingip/admin.

What about

No, example .com/admin doesn’t load.

You have some local networking or caching issue. Everything loads fine from here.

You can see ?

Yes, both /admin and /mail load as expected.

so strange, Its actually working on a different network.

I am assuming you are aware that you are using an unusual naming scheme from the MiaB default (,, etc.). Though not a problem when managed correctly, and not the cause of what you are currently seeing, it may create some unexpected errors in the future, even if only in the MiaB status checks or dashboard.

If you have only recently changed your NS records, your local caching resolver may still be using the previous record TTL. It could even be just your browser or computer.

Yes, I want the main domain to show the login page, and not

Can we do it with hostname too ?

If by login page you mean the webmail, all domains hosted on MiaB will navigate to the Roundcube login with including subdomains, so long as there is an A record pointing to MiaB.

I see, and will the will auto route to ?

If the A record points to MiaB, then yes.

Ok, thanx a ton for your prompt reply, really appreciate that. :v:

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I just realized I may have misread this question.

If you want to redirect all requests for to, one way is to create the file /home/user-data/www/ and add:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta HTTP-EQUIV="REFRESH" content="0; url=//" />
<p>Redirecting to webmail.</p>