Digital Ocean blocking port 25

It seems that Digital Ocean is blocking port 25 on new accounts now … anyone else had this problem?

When a request was made to unblock the port it was denied.

Hello,Thank you for contacting DigitalOcean!Stopping spam is a constant fight and due to this, your account has restrictions specifically on port 25. However, you are be able to use mail services using ports 587, 993, 995 and 465. You will need to open these ports in your firewall.

Here is our guide to common iptables commands:

We realize this is inconvenient, but many customers in your position move their mailing activities to a third party service such as SendGrid or similar which processes such mail separately from their droplet. I’m sorry for the frustration but we’re not able to lift this port restriction at this time.In terms of a workaround, here are a few alternatives:1. Utilize port 587 for SMTP relay via another mail provider, for example G Suite/Gmail, Mailgun, etc. We have a guide on doing so using Postfix here:

Configure your app or service to send mail directly using either a SMTP client connection (typically using port 587), or API call via another mail provider such as Sendgrid, Mailgun, Mandrill, etc.Please note that with this restriction in place on port 25, mail servers hosted here will be unable to directly relay email to other mail servers, as communication between mail servers typically takes place on port 25.We think the API is the best solution, as it is honestly more scalable and what we would use if we wanted to “future proof” the project.Please let us know if you have any additional questions, and have a wonderful day!Best Regards,
Platform Support Specialist
Don’t forget to check out our new product documentation!

Iptables Essentials: Common Firewall Rules and Commands | DigitalOcean
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How to Set Up a Mail Relay with Postfix and Mailgun on Ubuntu 16.04 | DigitalOcean
Use Postfix and Mailgun to create a closed mail relay for bulk emails or your internal communications.

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Okay, so is this just a default setting as part of their Ubuntu image, or is this at the level of their virtualization software? That is, can we control it as part of the image we are handed, or do they control the firewall setting?

Also, should we look into banding together and telling Digital Ocean how many customers they will lose if they do not reverse their decision?

EDIT: appears that this is why I have been having outbound email problems for a few weeks now. I’m going to be pissed if this is the result of Digital Ocean’s chinanogins.

I do not know the answers … this was copied to my by a potential MiaB user on Slack who cannot seem to be able to set up MiaB.

I asked him if he had requested port 25 to be unblocked and what I posted was their reply to him. He said that his account with DO was a new account.

This will be done at the Firewall level at the ISP, not the VPS. (ISP here being Digital Ocean)

I think the VPS providers are having to get tough to stop their services being abused by spammers.
I am with 1&1 IONOS and certainly when I set my server up port was blocked, but they did unblock it for me on request.

Anyone have a test email address I can try sending to them? I seem to keep getting errors when I send stuff.

Sent in PM. Awaiting your mail. :slight_smile:

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