Delete aditional domains


How can I delete an additional domain added? I deleted users accounts for this domain but in Aliases page and System status check page still appearing the domain data.

Thank you very much.

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The latest version (0.06) has implemented the ability to edit DNS records directly from the dashboard. You should be able to delete records from there. Previously (and you’re still able to do this), records needed to be edited via the API.

The control panel actually will only let you delete custom records that you added through the control panel or API. It won’t delete anything that Mail-in-a-Box sets up for you.

To drop a domain, just remove all users and aliases.

How does one remove all aliases? I have several without trash can icons.

If there’s no trash icon, it’s required but should disappear if you remove all other aliases for the domain.

That’s not happening, and I’ve re-run mailinabox several times. Anything else I should check?