Delay is due to Greylisting

Hi folks,

Had a delay happen on a couple of signs up to other discourse/forum places and have a suspicion on what is causing delays in my email receipt. Just wanted to get everyone’s thoughts on whether I am on right track.

What I am doing - signing up for forums.

What is happening - forum sends email confirmation of email address; I only receive the confirmation about 15 minutes later.

What I tested: same login in process with my gmail account shows forum server sends email immediately.

what I suspect happening: MiaB is rejecting initial email from forum mail server. Server retries after 15 min timeout explaing the delay.

What I could do: if really bothersome I could disable greylisting as noted in the thread below

This is exactly the case as MiaB uses Greylisting.

Occasional workaround: MIAB is waits 3 mins before accepting a retry … so if the signup site offers a “resend signup email” choice, wait 4 mins and use the retry. (You’ll end up with the original duplicate email, but no problem.)

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Ended up dropping the greylisting as a test for a while. Problem is that the ‘new’ senders are usually signup with a confirmation link or OTP. If I click resend, it invalidates the previous and then sets up a new one and when I finally get all the emails it is very confusing which is the one I should be using.