Deactivate automatic Certificate provisioning for domain

Hi !

I installed 2 certificates for my domain manually as lets crypt doesn’t work (for. and MIAB still tries to create new certificates automatically for in the night using letsCrypt which fails (as is hosted on a different server doing different things). How can I deactivate the automatic renew as I always get an email every day with the error log ?



What is the error exactly?
Something unexpected went wrong: [NeedToInstallFile(‘’, ‘_EFd0q0UKfYWd_YkiLVzCdC3AiOeXlTcXC4z3m0erOs.D9XQu-qalSKj2L_Cl65u6t80jmZoSj8MBFSPMabEYyg’, ‘_EFd0q0UKfYWd_YkiLVzCdC3AiOeXlTcXC4z3m0erOs’)]
TLS certificates could not be provisoned for: The certificate is valid for at least another 30 days — no need to replace. The certificate is valid for at least another 30 days — no need to replace.

any idea how I could stop the error (and / or mails that I get every day in the morning) ?

The box does a DNS check so that it skips domains where the DNS is pointed elsewhere. So, it should have skipped your www if that domain isn’t served by the box. Any idea why it would still think www is on the box?

its hosted on the same server (my MIAB installation is running in a KVM) - thats why it has the same ip address.

any solution to my problem ?

I don’t really have an easy solution for you.

Feel free to open an issue on github for this.

Is MIAB behind a NAT? That’s the only reason the IP should be the same, nothing to do with being running as a VM on KVM.

yes as I have only 1 public ip address for the server the kvm has a NAT / internal ip address

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