DE Domain Setup

I’ve been following the issue #151 and #223 concerning the setup on DE domains with great interest and I’m trying to get Mail-in-a-Box running using a de domain.

I’ve also studied the guide provided, however without having any success.

What I’ve done so far:

  1. Registered a domain using GoDaddy
  2. Created a DO droplet
  3. Filled in the following information at GoDaddy:
    Nameserver: #1: #2
    Hostname: entered and and linked both to the server ip
  4. Filled in the following information at DO:
    DNS: pointing to the server ip
    DNS: pointing to the server ip
  5. Filled in the following information at the admin-panel (using a secondary nameserver):

As you might have noticed, I have not fully understand how to make use of the required secondady nameserver using a de domain yet.

I’d appreciate any hints to mistakes or help in general to set up mail-in-a-box correctly.

Hi there

for german domains the nameservers have to be distinguished.

So follow this guide at section “Enabling Secondary DNS with Our Nameservers as Slaves”.

Enter the godaddy’s slave nameserver mentioned in the guide above to your miab settings on the admin webinterface (System -> Custom DNS
Section: Using a Secondary Nameserver).

Hopefully godaddy submit (or you have to trigger, don’t know) this change to the domain name registrar (denic) and then you should have some like this for your de-domain:
nameserver #1
nameserver #2 godaddy’s slave nameserver

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