Data permanence

I know when an upgrade (or setup/ is performed MIAB looks for custom changes to the server and wipes them clean. My question is if this relates to simple files stored on the server, and how to get around this. I was thinking perhaps stash some files in the backups folder?

So I have a cluster which relies on two VPS for external services, everything else happens inside the cluster. I want to backup each against the other. So MIAB backups will ssh to the second VPS, and backups for the second VPS will store on MIAB.

Where can I safely store this without fear of them being removed during an upgrade?

You can create a directory somewhere on the server outside of the MIAB controlled paths. MIAB stores data in /home/user-data.


Easy enough, I went back through the scripts and can see it’s not globally looking for file changes, it simply reverts what software is installed to it’s original state.

Merely creating a directory that MIAB doesn’t touch will work. Thanks.