'Dark Theme' for Mail-in-a-Box (stand-alone add-on)

I just sent a pull request to @JoshData cailing him to consider to merge my Dark Theme by default into MiaB…

  • Everyone is FREE to test it on test/ dev environments (not in production servers) even your comments about, including constructive criticism, would be very welcome.

Enjoy It!

Just as a constructive criticism, I think it would be better if brighter green colors were used for certain words. The green used is too dark.

Thanks for feedback! No problem to setup a ligther ‘green’ by going from current #018018 to #03ab22 (It’ll be done tonight) but where to use ‘green’, red, blue … etc have not been changed from default ‘light’ theme… Just highlighted them to increase the contrast over a ‘dark’ background.

ligther ‘green’ by going from current #018018 to #03ab22 -> Done!

The told pull request is going to be closed now in favor of this new Custom-Dark theme built as a standalone add-on for Mail-in-a-Box.

  • Please, test it at your end and post here is any issue arise at your end.

In all cases, your comments about, are very important to make this new Mail-in-a-Box add-on to leave its current BETA level.

Waiting your feedback,

c.c. @JoshData , @jrsupplee

Well done! :slight_smile:

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