Dark Mode for this forum?

Is there a way to switch to dark mode for this forum???

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I’m pretty sure there’s a bright mode.

My eyes can confirm! :frowning:

Someone recommended this to me:

Seems to work well … now just gotta get used to it. :slight_smile:

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Oddly, it doesn’t work on the Mozilla plugin page.

I use some similiar DarkTheme extension, and what anoys me, is that they can’t implement default day/night theme depending of time of the day (ie 22/5am)!? How difficult is that …

The problem I noticed with dark mode reader plugins like that one is that very often they break the dark mode on sites that actually do already have it nicely implemented.

The way this particular plugin deals with this problem is it has a button to disable the current domain, which it remembers.

It seems there is now a 'Dark Theme` in the interface preferences.

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Well so there is, I wonder how long that has been there?

@JoshData snuck it in the day after I first asked. Thanks Josh!