Customization Ideas

I’ve been using MiaB for about a week and half now, and I friggin’ love it (! BOSS). Finally deleted my Gmail account too. With that said, I have some ideas for improvements and as a front-end designer/developer, it pains me that I cannot customize how my email, contacts, and calendar look. I’d like a consistent look, but I realize that allowing people to customize things might generate even more issues on this forum, which is a lot for one guy to deal with.

So! I was thinking…what if the customizations were controlled via the admin panel? You could select themes for each, erm, service(?) MiaB provides, hit submit, and BOOM, new theme. These themes (and custom ones) would reside in a designated directory on the server (maybe /home/user-data/www/default?) that does NOT get overwritten when MiaB updates. That way, we all get what we want: ease of customizing our setups, and localizing any potential future issues regarding customization in one place.

We could ship customized themes with Mail-in-a-Box but I’m really not interested in supporting customization by users.

I’ll take that! I could always figure out a way to include custom themes, based off that.

(Oh and to clarify, what I meant by themes was one theme per service. That is, we could ship a better Roundcube theme, not multiple Roundcube themes.)

That’s what I was thinking too. Is this something that can be implemented rather quickly in the next MiaB update, or is this something we can expect to get a few months from now?

If you make the theme, I will get it deployed quickly. :slight_smile:

Haha, I guess I’ll get started then!

Please do include RTL support