Custom DNS page


Can someone please tell me how to properly add mx records under custom dns.
I need to add an mx record with priority 10 and value =

Is this correct:
Value =10 (including the trailing dot?)


Custom DNS records are set up in the admin area on the System>Custom DNS page.

Reading your other post … you do not want to be setting up any custom DNS unless you are having Mailgun receive your email … I do not see why you would be doing that - after all you have MiaB. :slight_smile:

  • As you already have your default MX in your MiaB DNS externals with priority = 10 and you can’t have more than one MX entry with the same priority, try it by adding it as follows:
yourdomain.tld MX 15 <!-- With trailing . (dot) -->

Alento, I’m trying to test the mailgun service to be able to send emails to hotmail recipients and not get them delivered to the junk folder all the time.
Adding those mx, txt, cname records are part of the mailgun steps.

Thanks! Just4t, I’ll try it.

I understand exactly what you are wanting to do, However, I believe that you are being led down the wrong rabbit hole. Mailgun also acts as a receiving mail server when you send mass mailings. That is NOT what you want to achieve.

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