Custom DKIM keys - box keeps resetting Keytable

I’m trying to set up custom DKIM keys rather than having the same key for every domain. However although I manage to amend the keytable and sending mail using the desired DKIM key. After a short period, the key table is restored to the default.

Is it possible to prevent this?

Without modification of the source code of MiaB? No.

Every day, the configs are regenerated.

How many “domains” are you handling. What’s the reason to have individual DKIM keys for about less then 100 domains, for which MiaB is intended?

You are free to edit the code, but after an update, the issue is “back”.

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I’m only handling 3 domains but for me personally, it feels wrong to be using the same key to sign all 3 domains. Therefore I’d like if possible to have a unique DKIM selector and key for each,

Does anyone know where the script is that restores the DKIM KeyTable?