Create rDNS records

So I just discovered something that MiaB doesn’t currently do, that I think it probably should.

I use a Hurricane Electric tunnel to provide IPv6 connectivity to my box. Rather than allow you to set the reverse-DNS hostname for your assigned IP address on their website, they prefer to delegate that responsibility to the customer’s own name server.

I entered and on their configuration page, but then I discovered that MiaB does not actually create reverse-DNS records when you set it up, so my box is still complaining that reverse-DNS isn’t configured properly for my IPv6 address.

Could we add this functionality to MiaB? Could we make it generate reverse-DNS PTR records for our detected IP addresses? (Might as well do it for both IPv4 and IPv6)

What does everyone think?

Interesting. That’s the first I’ve ever heard of a provider delegating that to your own DNS server. Sure, we could support that, if it’s not too complicated a change.

Yeah, first time I’ve heard of it too. Apparently it’s the “done thing” for larger IP assignments to enterprise customers. HE have just decided to do it for everyone using their tunnels, enterprise or not.

I’ll have a look at the code and maybe get a PR together. Can’t be all that complicated as we already set forward-DNS, so I imagine this would just go in the same place.

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