Create DNS WebHop record in MIAB DNS Server?

I have successfully setup MIAB because Google Workspace will quit my free service in a couple months.

my users are used to connect to a simple subdomain mail(dot)rockrohr(dot)de to be automatically forwared to Gmail I could achieve this by setting up a so called WebHok (DNS A record) in as my current DNS service provider for this domain.

Is it possible to set this kind of webhop record in the MIAB DNS aswell?


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I found the solution by searching this forum for redriction.

Please check this link: Best way to redirect root page to /mail?

I simply change the configfile /mailinabox/conf/nginx.conf

        location / {
                 #return 301 https://$HOSTNAME$request_uri;
                return 301 https://$server_name/mail;

and than rerun the setup.

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