Correct Discourse SMTP Settings Needed

I created example1 .xyz for Mail-in-a-box in vps1 with MIAB DNS and I created www.example2 .com for Discourse in vps2 with cloudflare DNS and CDN.

Created Email IDs:
support@example1 .xyz
help@example2 .com
noreply@example2 .com and alias it to help@example2 .com

DISCOURSE_SMTP_ENABLE_START_TLS: true # (optional, default true)

Problem is that i am not getting discourse activation email. Got email test msg: “Sender address rejected: not owned by user”, may be smtp 553 error. All my 3 email IDs are working perfectly. I found out that Discourse is sending email to noreply@example2 .com, so i created noreply email ID and forwarded it to my help@example2 .com

But none of it works. Please help

Thanks in advance

Please post related /var/log/syslog entries from the MiaB instance.

What are the available options for each of these settings?

What is the sender email? If so that has to be an alias of Whichever email is ‘sending the messages’ needs to be an alias of the account you authenticate with here:

@alento Thanks man. Your Alias option really helped me. I solved it. Millions of thanks

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