Contributing single use email addresses

Hello Community,

I created and have been using for 20 years a single use email address system. I’ve also created and use numerous mailing list systems for small orgs. I’m wondering if there’s a way for that work to complement or enhance mail-in-a-box or vice versa?

Is the MIAB project or software structured in a way that this could be done?

Do I parse your question correctly as follows? You want to get an email address that you hand out sonewhere, and once you received an email on it, you delete the email address? (single use?)

You can freely add and delete aliases on your box, which then forward to your real email box. If an email address is used, you can delete the alias.

There’s also the option of catch all email addresses, perhaps that sounds more what you need?

My question is very broad and can be interpreted and answered multiple ways. My question is not specific to single-use/single-recipient email addresses. It’s an architecture question.

I’m willing to contribute to this community, but to keep this simple, let’s interpret my question to be how I can I enhance my installation of MIAB with new function in a way that is not disrupted whenever I upgrade MIAB.

Let’s assume the enhancements might include blocking ports that aren’t needed, supplementing PostFix configuration to call out to my scripts, altering the MIAB component code to call out to my scripts, adding/altering DNS records.

I’m pretty new to MIAB, but I assume one approach might be to write an install script that installs the extra capabilities by modifying a MIAB installation and then have the admin rerun that script after each MIAB upgrade.

I assume another approach that sometimes might work is to set up another machine upstream of the MIAB machine and leverage MIAB mostly as a relay.

But is there an approach to enhancing MIAB or a MIAB installation that might serve me or the community better than the two options I just mentioned?

Yeah, I didn’t grok that from the topic title :smile:

If you look at the setup folder of mailinabox you can see that the installation entails a number of scripts. These are run every time an installation or upgrade is performed. This way you can make changes that are persistent over upgrades.

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