Continuing Support

Hello Josh.

I’ve setup a server using mail in a box, it works great!

One thing that concerns me a lot is that you appear to be the sole developer for this, is that true? What would happen if say you just decided you no longer want to support mail in a box or you no longer have time? Would it be passed to another developer or would you just abandon it?

My bad if this question has answers elsewhere, I couldn’t find them.


Josh is the primary developer but others do contribute. There are two safeguards against discontinued development by Josh.

  1. The entire project is open source and available on GitHub.
  2. The entire project relies on open source, freely available software in Ubuntu, and is completely standards based in that regard. The management daemon and included scripts are all easily examined and even rewritable if you need to do so. (Obviously this is not supported).

So, if development were to cease there is still a community that could maintain the project. Even in the worst case scenario it would be a project that individuals could maintain private forks of. Additionally it is possible to save the necessary configuration files after installing, for modification and installation on other machines in a pinch.

As to what Josh would do directly, he’ll have to answer but he may not have an answer. I would imagine this depends greatly on whatever the circumstances and state of the community at the time.

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Right. It’s hard to answer this as a hypothetical.

I can say that I don’t drop projects lightly.

The best way to avoid the problem is to help grow and strengthen the Mail-in-a-Box community.