Consolidating two mailinabox installs safe?

So I have 2 different servers running mailinabox. One handles url a while the other handles url b. I know mailinabox can handle sending from 2 domains names so I would like to consolidate these 2 servers down to 1.

I read the backup and restore guides and have a basic understanding of how to backup and restore data from one to the other. My main concern is if I put the backup files from one on the other I need to make sure none of the email accounts or server settings will be getting wiped. In other words I am wondering if restoring data only adds data and not remove data. I want to add users from the old email address without losing any data from the new one or the config changing to that of email server A.

Restoring a backup will wipe existing data.

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Wow what a pain. As an enterprise solution it would not be good to ask our users to have to reset their passwords.