Considerations when setting up on existing site?


Any docs on setting this up on an existing site? Can it break anything? The front page says to use a fresh VM instance.

I want to run a separate mailserver on each of my existing sites. Currently using Zoho (ugh).

They’re on Google Cloud Compute, which blocks outgoing mail, so that has to go via SendGrid.


Why would you want a separate mail-server on each existing site?

Are you aware you can setup one MIAB instance on one server and have this serve mail for all your existing sites / domain names?

From my experience, you are much better off setting up a new server strictly for mail-in-a-box and keep it as a mail-server only, then direct all ‘A’ records to your individual sites.

This is how I have mine setup after much trial-and-error and have learnt the hard way to keep mail-in-a-box alone as it’s own server. I use separate server for all my site hosting.

It’ll be a separate miab on each server and no new servers. Just interested in what the reasons behind the “fresh server” requirement are before I read through the whole script.

do you by chance have a tutorial?

I wanna do the same set up as yours.

My current servers are at : Digital Ocean + NameCheap& as my registrar

I don’t have a tutorial - all the info is well documented between the setup manual, the admin panel and this message board. Basically I just:

  1. Followed the initial install tutorial on one server (I think I used the Digital Ocean tutorial in combination with the Setup guide here)
  2. Pointed all domains at this server’s nameserver
  3. Set up my second server with a LAMP stack
  4. On first server, logged into admin panel and pointed the domain ‘A’ records at the second server - this is under ‘System -> Custom DNS’ - it’s as simple as selecting Type A and then entering the 2nd servers IP as Value

For setup of the second server, DigitalOcean has numerous great tutorials for setting up a LAMP stack and Apache Virtual Hosts.

OK. For me it’s one of those things were I take a leap of faith and just believe it. The whole MIAB install comes with many packages and I wouldn’t be confident all the dependencies would be intact and free from interference on an existing install.

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