Congratulations on v0.26b (optimism!)

Install of v0.26b via curl method over a git installed v0.25 went smoothly. All status checks passed, certs and even the fabulously weird DNSSEC is happy.

Hope everyone else’s upgrades are as smooth!

Thanks Josh and everyone who made it happen. (sorry, I haven’t looked at contribs at github, no slight intended if anyone contributed to the effort.


Great evreything went well. When I installed Miab, it went well for me too.

However, I had to go for a manual server setup of postfix for a large audience to send emails to.

I know Miab project founder uses an account on an email marketing service to send large amounts of emails.

Miab experience was great and I would recommand it to any company which wants its own internal email usage.

Self developement tells us to concentrate on what is good, better and best for us.

All the best from France,


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