Conflicting IP address

I am getting conflicting IP address with mail-in-a-box: I did setup mail-in-a-box on a droplet with digitalocean to handle all of my emails. but every time I add and ns2dotboxdotxyzdotcom onto my google domain, it takes dominance over my other name servers where my website is actually hosted (example, ns2dotdigitaloceandotcom, ns3dotdigitaloceandotcom) so instead of dispaying my website, mail-in-a-box site is displayed. any help please ? thanks

It sounds to me that you need to decide who is going to host your domain’s DNS and act accordingly.

If you just set up MiaB and blindly follow the instructions, it will not work for you as the instructions are geared towards hosting a minimal web site with the MiaB server, which is not your situation.