Confirming basic function before installing, thank you

Hello, i just want to confirm if this can solve the following basic function for me and if im understanding things correctly when skimming the setup docs and forum posts for my use case viability. Im not technical at all so its still confusing and just want to make sure it can do what i need before i start.

  1. The software by default allows multiple accounts per domain and i can easily add new domains and accounts for those also, so I could have 5 domains and 3 accounts each with a standard mail server setup?

  2. The setup docs seem to indicate adding a new domain is as simple as setting the mx records on registrar and the nameservers pointing to the mail server and the box will handle all the other dns itself or is that mistaken, do all new domains need all the dns settings setup on the registrar directly for each new domain and you cant use just nameserver to point the domain at the box? These are dedicated email domains so i dont need the dns to do anything else but email.

Is there a specific way it should be installed so that adding new domains is easier, faster and that my email accounts are name@domain and not name@sub.domain?

Thanks in advance!

  1. yes. There are no restrictions
  2. If your registrar allows you to set glue records and have MiaB handle DNS, it is straightforward . If you can not use this setup, you need to use “external dns” and transfer all the relevant DNS setting manually.

You have the possibility to use name@domain.tld but also name@sub.domain.tld

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