Configuring Network

I have admin’ed unix and linux systems since before hair was invented. However, I have just started using Ubuntu. My understanding is that the netplan file is used to configure systemd-networkd in a typical Ubuntu server (at least the 20.x versions).

I am not using MAIB’s built in name service. My DNS is hosted at Google and I have an internal DNSMasq cacher on another sever on my network.

  • That server is listed first in my netplan/***.yaml file.
  • My resolv.conf file lists only the loopback and I can’t look up hosts on my local network with either dig or nslookup.
  • I have tried running netplan apply, but nothing changes.

What is the appropriate method of configuring and applying network changes on an MAIB server so the config will take and will not be overwritten later? Or, what can I safely change on an MAIB server?


MiaB is primarily a self-configuring mail server and authoritative name server intended for installation on a VPS hosting service.

While this does not preclude using MiaB in other environments, it does mean that MiaB is making many assumptions about its environment such that installation elsewhere will require users to modify the server and maintain those modifications with the understanding that the project may overwrite those changes with updates.

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