Configuring DNS Settings on a Backup

Hi everyone,

I’m in a muddle right now, because I’ve accidentally deleted my Mailinabox DigitalOcean droplet (VPS), but luckily I have a snapshot/backup from which I can restore. Since everything worked absolutely well, I decided to create a new droplet from that backup and point the glue records to the new IP. However, I’m not sure where to go from there.

Am I missing anything that I need to configure?

Thanks a lot in advance!!!

That should work okay. You can always run the: mailinabox command once restored and make sure everything goes through okay. Then look at your status page.

Whew, I’m so scared! Now, all I have to do is wait for the droplet to rebuild from the backup! Aargh.

Will post after the rebuild and ask for more advice…

Shouldn’t I configure the nameservers, as I’m running my own DNS? If so, how would I do that through the command line?

Currently, reverse DNS my IP resolves to the domain name, but the domain name in MX tools states “Loop detected!”

You mean you are running External DNS? If so, you set your domains NS to the correct values at your registrar.

If instead you mean the box is running your DNS, you simply ensure 1) your glue records have the right IP to your box and 2) that your NS for the domain are set to and

No no no, I’m running Mailinabox DNS configuration, it’s just that I can access the panel through my IP, but the domains respond with a DNS error… Oh, wait, I’m receiving mail! I think I’m just a bit impatient, I’ll let the DNS propagate.

Thanks a lot for your help!

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