Configure MIAB only for subdomain


I’m reading setup process instructions over and over again and would like to confirm whether my plan is doable.

I don’t want to change my main domain in any way - - this domain is set, used everyday (web, emails etc…)

What I want is to configure everything using - I only need mail services, don’t care about webservice, contacts, etcc. I would like to create emails

What I have done was to ask my domain provider to create two glue records for domain ( and and point subdomain to these two glue records.

During installation, I plan to set up the MIAB to use

Is that a good plan?


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That is what happens by default basically. Except …

Your terminology is incorrect here … I am presuming you mean “and point the IP address of the VPS I will be using for Mail-in-a-Box” to those two glue records.

If that is not correct, then you are doing something wrong.

Please refer to my response to your other post on this topic: MIAB - domain name vs subdomain - security concern? - #5 by alento

With the exception that MOST people do not want to send email to someone with that type of email address ( Most people are conditioned to think that email addresses are always … and many people WILL make that mistake. So if you take this path you may want to alias to

Thank you alento,

Yes, you are correct. I’m pointing my external IP to glue records.

The only concern was that the MIAB would interfere with, while being configured on subdomain.

I have reread your post and am looking at it through fresh eyes. I think that i missed something and gave you incorrect advice. I read your post as I want to have emails such as and somehow totally missed that you are ALREADY using the domain for the web and email … so, my comments were incorrect. To do what I now think you want to do, which is to create a mail server handling ONLY, you need to take a slightly different path.

I highly recommend that you PM me with your actual domain name and what hostname you wish to use, then I can give you exact directions.

Basically, if I am now understanding correctly, you have need to handle DNS externally from MiaB for the new email service. To accomplish this, remove the glue records that you created. They will not be necessary. Do the setup of MiaB as normal, making sure that you follow my advice on creating the initial user email account and confirming the hostname is created properly. Then in your external DNS - whatever DNS you are now using for - you need to add records for MiaB including the A record pointing to your MiaB IP. Additionally a MX record for the mail subdomain needs to be pointed to with a priority of 10. You will also need to carefully add other DNS records as shown in the admin area of MiaB under Settings>External DNS. Make sure that the entries are all for and not entered incorrectly as being for

I am really sorry for the confusion … please confirm that I understand correctly now. And PLEASE feel free to PM me for additional assistance with this.

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Thank you every much alento for so much attention. I think it will be wiser to get new domain for my test. It no so big costs and there will be no risk of mistake with my current setup.