Conecting home MIAB to internet via VPN or SSH tunnel

How would it be better to connect home MIAB to public internet to pass port restrictions?

  1. via VPN server or
  2. via remote SSH port forwarding or a tunnel to a VPS
    Any detailed tutorials on those options?

I’m not sure that your home’s internet connection is best suited to host MIAB. Typically if you would like to bypass port restrictions (which might not be the only restriction because your public IP could be in spamhaus or another spam list) then you should either have your MIAB server hosted in the cloud or sign up for Business Class internet that doesnt have these restrictions.

People have had luck with VULTR, Linode, and AWS. (although you still might need to tell them your hosting a mail server and have ports unblocked)

It must be possible to connect to VPS via Reverse SSH tunnel.
It may also be possible to connect to VPS running VPN server with port forwarding.
I also wonder if SSHuttle could help.
I need someone who already tried.

A quick search on the internet found this result:

What your trying to do is largely outside the scope of MiaB and I’d say honestly most people do not have complicated setups like this.

Personally I’d tell you to keep it simple. Mail is hard enough all by itself (even with the great scripts this project has put together to make it MUCH easier).

If you want your mail to be “reliable” and you can’t get a Static IP from your ISP. I’d look at hosting it elsewhere.