[Complicated] Host in Own SERVER

Dear Support,

i have domain from freenom which pointed to my own server which having static ip, but now i need to implement my own mail server on different static ip and on own machine.

so what are the step to implement this kind of setup?? URGENT Help needed.

Not hard or complicated. Install MIAB and the external DNS details you need for your DNS provider will be available in the admin panel under “External DNS”.

not understanding please tell me step by step …sorry for my words …
by using external DNS i m already hosting which is running on ubuntu…

so if i need to host mail server in different machine …after installation of mailinabox what are the steps to point ???

Dear Support,

currently in my freenom DNS below settings are already configured:

for custom mail hosting what settings need to add in DNS management…

have u tried installing mail-in-a-box yet?

If you haven’t, you should, and it will start prompting you with all the errors and steps to take.

If you haven’t start reading the set up guide, which should have answered your question above, it’s here → Mail-in-a-Box Setup Guide

To amplify davetu 's comments. When you install Mail in a Box, you can then login to an admin website (served by the box). There you will find a page named ‘External DNS’. On that page will be all of the details you need to copy in to your existing DNS provider’s page.

If you do not want to host your website on MIAB then leave that setting unchanged.

The main thing you need to change/add is an A record pointing to the IP address of your MIAB. Like this: A box.example.com (from your MIAB host/virtual private server)

Then an MX record pointing to the address of your MIAB. Like this: MX box.example.com

Do follow the set up guide step by step but ignore the instructions about ‘glue records’ or NS records as you don’t need that if your DNS is external.

Hope this helps.


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